Testimonials for my Hermeticism courses

Through Seeker-Of-Knowledge-Creating-Wealth, my Hermeticism courses have helped many people across Birmingham and throughout  England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - see some of the kind feedback I have received below.



What Clients Are Saying

Completing this course I realised I was unknowingly manifesting everything I did not want in my life, how I was constantly thinking and worrying about things I dreaded facing or experiencing, and how I would end manifesting just the same.

I got introduced to this course and my life has changed ever since. It changed my way of thinking, speaking, and approaching life. All that I am today, all that I’ve achieved, and all that I’m certain to I’d attain in the future is only because of Empress Kya and this masterpiece course she has created. I recommend this course to everyone in my life.


Firstly, I’m thanking Empress Kya for sharing her knowledge of manifestation throughout this masterpiece course. It is one of the best course I have ever purchased. With every course, a new idea of her visualisation is born in the brain and that feels fantastic.

I recommend this course to almost everyone belonging to all age groups. Anyone can join this course and enjoy it and when you have finished your course, you will be able to manifest anything in your life. It’s that one thing everyone hopes for - inner peace will be with you.



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